The power 
of Perfect Day 

V-Whey is made from Perfect Day – the world’s first animal-free, real dairy protein. It’s a purer and smarter way for anyone who cares about animals, our planet, or their health to load up on the unbeatable protein power of whey. Here’s how it’s made.

Step 1: Flora

To produce real milk protein without the environmental impact of livestock, the team at Perfect Day teaches tiny organisms called microflora to create animal-free milk protein. They do this by giving a digital version of the milk-making genetic blueprint from a cow to the microflora. 

Step 2: Food

Just like cows, flora need a food source to enable them to produce milk protein, so Perfect Day feeds them simple plant sugars.

Step 3: Fermentation

They then use fermentation to enable the flora to efficiently convert plant sugars into milk protein.

Step 4: Animal-free milk protein

The result is an animal-free milk protein that is identical to the protein found in cow’s milk. It’s approved as safe by the FDA and is even purer than traditional dairy as it’s free from any lactose, cholesterol, hormones or antibiotics. 

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