Vegan-friendly Whey? How is it possible?

We delve deeper into what makes our delicious V-Whey possible...

How is V-Whey Vegan Friendly

How is V-Whey Vegan-friendly?

V-Whey is made by microflora, with zero animals used anywhere in the process. Because the animal-free whey protein ingredient is bioidentical to whey protein from cows, we add a “contains milk allergen” declaration to the front and back of our packaging as part of our commitment to consumer safety.


Until now, we humans have largely depended on animals for protein. But thanks to microflora, we’re beginning to unlock the powerful processes nature has given us to make these same proteins, with their unparalleled nutrition and culinary functionality, without using animals at all.

This makes V-Whey, whey, whey kinder.

Animal Free
Not Vegan but Vegan Friendly

Not Vegan but Vegan Friendly.

The macronutrients we’re focused on are specifically dairy proteins which historically could come only from cow’s milk. By utilizing microflora as miniature factories, we’ve figured out how to make these components of milk without cows.

The whey protein revolution - bioidentical to dairy whey but made without animals.

Feel the power.

Up to 23g of protein.

Each serving is packed with key nutrients and a unique amino acid profile.

Only 130 calories or less.

Low calorie source of protein.

Up to 5g of BCAAs.

To aid muscle recovery and growth.

California Performance Co. V-Whey Protein Pouches

Love the planet.

99% less water usage.

Reduce water waste by switching to V-Whey.

97% less GHG emissions.

Hotter workout, cooler planet..

60% less energy usage.

Performance without the environmental price tag.

A new dawn for dairy.

Our animal-free milk protein is identical to what cows make, which means it can froth, whip, and foam just like milk – but can also trigger a milk allergy (that’s why products made with our protein are labeled ‘Contains milk allergen’). Now even vegans can get their dose of nutritional dairy whey protein. Because we’ve found a way to do it without the cows.

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A new dawn for Dairy
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