V-Whey Pouch & Shaker Bundle (Save 13%)

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Choose one of our three V-Whey flavors and a shaker in your favorite color.

Stronger performance. Lighter footprint. Finally, there's a way...

Feel the power.

Up to 23g of protein.

Each serving is packed with key nutrients and a unique amino acid profile.

Only 130 calories or less.

Low calorie source of protein.

Up to 5g of BCAAs.

To aid muscle recovery and growth.

Mixed Berry, Vanilla Sundae and Chocolate Brownie flavored California Performance Co. V-Whey Pouches flying through the air

Love the planet.

99% less water usage.

Reduce water waste by switching to V-Whey.

97% less GHG emissions.

Hotter workout, cooler planet..

60% less energy usage.

Performance without the environmental price tag.